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I highly recommend Lynsey and the Pilates classes at Physique Rx’d! From the beginning, Lynsey devotes personal attention to ensuring you have the basics necessary to thrive in class. She works with you to make sure you are comfortable with the movements according to your body and what works best for you. 
I have scoliosis and have NEVER found a gym routine that: #1. Doesn’t hurt my back, #2. That I like, and #3. That I can stick with. Lynsey has changed that for me! Since starting classes, my back pain has decreased to almost non-existent, there’s a noticeable difference in my core strength and I have increased flexibility. 
Lynsey’s energy, enthusiasm and encouragement makes you want to come back and see her as much as you can, not to mention, try your hardest in class. She will correct your form, keep you engaged and focused, all while keeping the class fun and light-hearted!

-Jamie Cowden, Pittsburgh PA


I had no idea what to expect when I met Lynsey for my first Pilates session. I knew nothing about Pilates, and had to ask whether it was for guys (it is).  All I knew was that every muscle and joint on my body felt tight and my back and neck were in frequent spasm – likely from sitting at a computer all day, coupled with years of the same tired weightlifting routine at the gym.


From the very beginning, Lynsey made me feel like I found the right program and the right teacher.  She started me at exactly the appropriate level, adjusting techniques gradually so that I was making steady progress without getting discouraged. Her infectious enthusiasm for Pilates makes each session fly by, but it is a serious workout, no matter what your level.  Lynsey knows her stuff. My progress so far beats any physical therapy I've ever seen, based on improved range of motion and core strength in a short amount of time.  I call Lynsey my lifesaver.  To anyone who's curious, I encourage him or her to check out her program.  

   ---Kyle Lamb


“Lynsey worked with my body and mind to integrate balance, wellness and healing through Pilates. She is energetic, sympathetic, kind, gentle and strong. She has the remarkable talent to engage the mind, body and soul into a healing journey through her Pilates practice.”
— Joan Pittsburgh, PA
“Every woman, really at any age, but especially my age, who is in need to self esteem building, should try Physique Rx’d. The instruction Lynsey gives is much more motivating than anywhere else I’ve tried. I have never stuck with anything else before and now look forward to Lynsey’s sessions, even Tabata Wednesdays. Funny as it sounds, I find Pilates relaxing. I am able to set aside everything and focus on myself, and also what I can get from the class.”
— Debbie D. Pittsburgh, PA
“Along with a healthy diet, Lynsey’s training has helped me drop 3 pant and dress sizes, and has completely reshaped my body. I have confidence I never thought I would ever have, and I actually like my figure. Anyone can lose weight thought diet and exercise, but Pilates has transformed my shape. All those trouble spots (abs, hips, thighs), they aren’t so much trouble anymore! Lynsey’s amazing training has completely changed my life. I look at fitness a totally different way now, and thanks to Lynsey, I now feel comfortable in my own skin.”
— Hayley M. Pittsburgh, PA
“Lynsey is amazing! I have a busy professional career, which includes travel back and forth to my home in Indianapolis and my home-away-from home in Pittsburgh. I prioritize my time to be sure that I spend part of it with Lynsey two or three times a week. The workouts that Lynsey designed for me help to keep me mentally focused and positive while keeping my body in great shape. I love her attention to form and posture, which helps me to get the most out of my workouts. She has become an integral part of overall my well-being. All that and I’ve dropped a suit size too! ”
— Kim G. Indianapolis, IN
“LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS CLASS!! Lynsey is one of the most energetic, focused and talented teachers I’ve ever met. I’ve had two children and pilates is the one workout that I’ve found that really did get my body back into it’s original, pre kids shape, plus I feel stronger, more energized and ready to face the world after these classes, believe me, any woman that can get me up to face a 6:30am class and then back to do the same class at 6pm that night is fabulous!! Cannot recommend Physique Rx’d & Lynsey enough! ”
— Julie Peterson, Owner House of Colour Pittsburgh
“I’ve tried just about every form of exercise: yoga, jogging, various gym memberships... Pilates work at Physique Rx’d has proved to be the best for me. After a set of intro classes (really helpful in providing the bases), I’ve been doing 2 group classes/week for the past 8 months and have been sticking at it. The group situation is friendly, non-intimidating, not boring or over-repetitive, and no one cares what you wear. At the same time, Lynsey watches everyone with an eagle eye and always makes sure you have your “mind over muscle” engaged. And then it works... I’m a mother of 2 kids, freelancer working on a computer most of the day and I’m seeing some real concrete improvements in the way I generally feel: posture, energy level, strength, muscle tone etc. I thoroughly recommend this establishment - joining is one of the best investments I made this past year. ”
— Rebecca Reid. Pittsburgh, PA

About Us

In February 2017, Physique Rx'd was placed in the top 15 Pilates Studios in the Pittsburgh Region! I am truly grateful for this recognition!


B.A. in Dance and Human Movement; NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, Classical Pilates Method Certified; CPR Certified

Throughout my life, Dance and Fitness have played an important role in gaining poise, confidence, and living a healthy, athletic lifestyle. After receiving my dance degree and retiring from an exciting, worldly dance career; I had another passion for helping others experience the thrill of being stronger, flexible, balanced, staying fit! I have a profound level of respect for the body…I believe it is the most exquisitely designed machine on earth and we must take care of it. To change your body, you must change your mind! With 15 years of training under my belt, I am still enthusiastic, if not even more now that I see what is happening in society today.

It’s that time of the day that you give back to yourself and your body will thank you for it!

So many of my students tell me “they feel the difference, have more energy at work, it’s changed their life, and they finally did something for themselves”…

At Physique Rx'd, located on the Northside of Pittsburgh, (known as Allegheny West) Lynsey scales the workout to your personal fitness level. You will always receive Personal coaching every group session! Every group or private session, is designed to increase Core strength and flexibility, gaining strength and endurance and improving alignment and balance! The results are endless: Improved posture, inches lost, flat abdominals and beautifully sculpted muscles!









At physique, you will learn the original, classical movement of Joseph Pilates, following the principles: CONCENTRATION, CONTROL, CENTERING, BREATH, FLUIDITY, AND PRECISION.

To avoid hitting a “Plateau” Lynsey puts a twist on the movement adding more spice and fun to each workout!

Benefits of Physique Rx’d sessions:

  • Increased strength and endurance! You will be able to do a full body weight push up in no time!!

  • Increased flexibility and joint mobility! No more stiff muscles!

  • Flat Abs! You will feel great in your clothes!

  • Inches lost around hips, waist, and thighs! My goal is to get you into that favorite pair of jeans!

  • A lifted Toosh! Strengthening the Gluteal muscles is a key component to better posture and better daily activity!

  • Improved Posture! Good posture prevents back pain and makes you look poised and confident!

  • More energy, lower stress levels, better sleep patterns!

  • My goal is to get you in the best shape of your life! With some patience, consistency, and dedication all of these results are possible!

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Personal Training - Pilates Training - Small group sessions daily - Nutrition Education

At Physique Rx'd, Lynsey scales the workout to your personal fitness level. You will always receive Personal coaching every group session!

Every group, private session or personal training session is designed to increase Core strength and flexibility, gaining strength and endurance, and improving alignment and balance!

The results are endless: Improved posture, inches lost, flat abdominals and beautifully sculpted muscles!

Contact us today for a consultation or introductory session. Lynsey has the right fitness prescription for you!